CETCO Names Dr. John Walsh as Director of Technical Water Treatment

November 15, 2013



Walsh Brings 30 Years of Industry Experience to CETCO to Spearhead ORCA

HOUSTON — 11/18/13 — CETCO Energy Services (“CETCO”) recently announced that Dr. John Walsh has been named Director of Technical Water Treatment and will spearhead the ORCA consulting services group at CETCO. ORCA stands for Objectivity through Root Cause Analysis and provides troubleshooting and technical services to our customers. The aim for ORCA is to further enhance CETCO’s reputation in the industry and add another component to the suite of services and equipment that help make CETCO an industry leader. As a Technical Expert, Dr. Walsh will also provide in-house support to the entire technical group within CETCO worldwide.

“CETCO is pleased to bring Dr. Walsh on board, a globally recognized specialist in produced water handling. We are confident that Walsh will strengthen our company and benefit our customers with our new ORCA services,” says CETCO Vice President John Occhipinti.

With a PhD in Chemical Engineering from John Hopkins University, Dr. Walsh has nearly 30 years of experience in water treatment. In his role of Global Subject Matter Expert for Water Treating at Shell Oil Company, Dr. Walsh provided troubleshooting, operational, design and water management support in produced water treatment for conventional production, unconventional hydraulic fracturing, polymer flood, steam flood, seawater desalination and evaporation technologies for steam flooding. Dr. Walsh remains connected to the industry while serving on many boards within the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and is presently the associate editor of Oil and Gas Facilities magazine.

Through ORCA, CETCO will be providing consulting services, holistic solutions, development planning and in-house technical expertise and support for oil and gas operations worldwide. By objectively identifying and correcting the root cause of events, ORCA and Dr. Walsh demonstrate together the commitment to provide value added services for CETCO’s customers.

About CETCO Energy Services

CETCO Energy Services offers a range of patented technologies, products and services for all phases of oil and gas production, transmission and refining throughout the world. Product lines range over eight services including water treatment, wastewater, well testing, pipeline, nitrogen, coiled tubing, consulting services and petroleum products. CETCO is committed to safe practices, providing excellent equipment and continued training for our people, and ensuring success and safety in our customer’s operations. CETCO Energy Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMCOL International (NYSE: ACO) and has a worldwide presence in over 25 locations employing more than 1,000 people in 12 countries. For more information, visit www.cetcoenergyservices.com.

For information regarding this press release or interviews with Director of Technical Water Treatment Dr. John Walsh, e-mail: CESMarketing@cetco.com.