ULTRASEAL® Waterproofing Membranes

Active Polymer Core Waterproofing Technology

ULTRASEAL waterproofing membranes utilize an advanced Active Polymer Core (APC) technology that is ten times less permeable and more chemically resistant than traditional active waterproofing membranes. Engineered to provide high-performance waterproofing protection, ULTRASEAL waterproofing membranes combine APC technology with a strong geomembrane liner.


ULTRASEAL waterproofing membranes work by forming a low permeable membrane upon contact with water. When hydrated, unconfined APC can swell many times its dry volume. When confined by backfill or concrete, the swell is controlled, forming a dense, impervious waterproofing membrane. The swelling action of the APC technology resists high levels of groundwater contaminants and can self-seal small concrete cracks caused by ground settlement, concrete shrinkage, or seismic action. 


ULTRASEAL waterproofing membranes contain zero VOC, can be installed in almost any weather condition to green concrete and most importantly, has proven effective in both hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions.


The ULTRASEAL family of waterproofing consists of:








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    Combines two proven technologies into one superior membrane.



    Advanced Bond

    • Polyethylene liner and an advanced Active Polymer Core (APC) layer are integrally bonded to an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive that locks the membrane to concrete
    • Active hydrophilic polymer APC layer swells and seals against water ingress
    • Aggressive adhesive bond to concrete prevents water ingress 

    Superior Adhesion

    • Adhesive bond provides lateral water migration resistance continuously across the exterior surface of the concrete
    • Aggressiveness of the bond ensures the membrane remains bonded to concrete
    • APC technology seals small punctures and tears in the membrane resulting from construction activities 

    Efficient Installation

    • Designed to be installed on a properly prepared sub-grade without the need to pour a working slab
    • Can be installed as soon as the forms are removed - no waiting for the concrete to cure before installing the waterproofing
    • Lighter and easier to handle rolls
    • Install in virtually any weather condition

    Contaminant Protection

    • Zero VOCs
    • Greater resistance to contaminated water conditions
    • Improved performance in high saline environments


    • Backfilled conditions
    • Under slab
    • Property line foundation shoring wall construction, including: soldier pile and lagging; metal sheet piling; auger cast caisson; shotcrete; stabilized earth retention walls





    With active XP technology 

    Protection from Water Ingress

    • Active XP technology allows membrane to self-seal minor cuts or damage to the membrane
    • Provides a strong mechanical bond to poured concrete
    • Self-sealing membrane laps
    • Proven effective in structures under continuous or intermittent hydrostatic pressure up to 70m (231 ft)

    Protection from Contaminants

    • Resists a wide range of contaminants, including high-saline conditions and dilute organic solvents

    Fast and Easy Installation

    • Lightweight rolls
    • Overlapped seams and mechanical fasteners eliminate installation variables in the field


    • Can be installed in virtually any weather condition
    • Can be installed on green concrete
    • Proven effective in both vertical and horizontal applications (e.g. backfilled and property line walls)



    AQUADRAIN is a high-flow strip drainage composite designed for collection and transport of water to discharge pipes at the base of a below-grade foundation wall.



    BENTOSEAL® mastic compound waterproofing agent

    A trowel-grade bentonite-based mastic that is used to detail at membrane terminations, around penetrations, over grouted concrete form-tie holes, and provide fillets to inside wall corners. Unlike most mastics, this premium mastic is capable of swelling and self-sealing upon hydration and is VOC compliant. BENTOSEAL can be covered with a waterproofing membrane immediately after application. 

    A multi-purpose, single component polyether moisture cure sealant/adhesive. CETSEAL is a low VOC, 100% solids, non-shrinking product with excellent UV resistance. Available in 10.1 oz cartridges with 12 cartridges per case at 12 lbs (5.4 kg), or 20 oz foil packs with 12 per case at 20 lbs (9 kg)


    ENVIROSHEET membrane is supplied in 200 square foot rolls, 36” (914 mm) wide by 66.7’ (20.3 m) long. The rubberized asphalt is covered with release paper which is removed prior to installation. The membrane is cold-applied and self-adheres to a properly prepared and primed substrate.


    Consisting of VOLCLAY granular bentonite encapsulated in a water-soluble film tube, HYDROBAR TUBES are a convenient means of providing extra waterproofing protection at the critical wall to footing intersection joint. Each tube is 50 mm (2") dia. x 600 mm (2 ft) long. Available in 16 tubes per box for 9.75 m (32 linear feet).


    A single-sided tape consisting of an aggressive rubber-based adhesive with a durable polyethylene backing. Seamtape is primarily used to seal the overlap seams for both backfilled foundation walls and horizontal deck applications. Seamtape protects the overlap seams against debris intrusion during backfill and damage from rain prior to backfilling. Available in 3” (75 mm) x 50-Ft (15.2 m) rolls; 8 rolls per case.



    A single piece, pre-formed thermoplastic cover that provides a simple and quick waterproofing installation detail. The thick thermoplastic construction provides the strength and durability to withstand the concrete placement. Available in three sizes: TB-6SN is 6” (150 mm) deep, TB-8 is 8” (200 mm) deep, and TB-10 is 10” (250 mm) deep.



    WATERSTOP-RX is a hydrophilic strip waterstop designed to stop water infiltration through cast-in-place concrete construction joints by expanding upon contact with water to form a positive seal against the concrete.



    WATERSTOPPAGE is chemically treated, granular sodium bentonite used as a detailing accessory product for CETCO Waterproofing Systems. When wetted, WATERSTOPPAGE forms into a dense, low permeable material that combines with the sodium bentonite in the waterproofing products to form a seamless waterproofing membrane.