Our diverse line of polymers and additives can conquer the most difficult soil conditions

From PHPA’s and PAC's to Our Newest Generation of Additives

Able to handle any complex drilling conditions, the diverse line of polymers and additives at CETCO continue to assist contractors in the most difficult soil conditions. CETCO polymers and additives consistently deliver the highest performance therefore adding significant value. CETCO has an extensive line of high quality and reliable additives and will assist you in improving the performance of all of your drilling operations.


    Featured Product


    HERCUL-EZ is a proprietary additive that is used in conjunction with bentonite based drilling muds. With proper formulation, the system will produce a unique drilling fluid with excellent shear thinning characteristics. At low shear or at rest, the fluid will gel and allow for suspension of large cuttings, yet thins immediately under pumping conditions.


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