RESISTEX® Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Meeting the most demanding chemical compatibility requirements

RESISTEX GCLs are dry blended, polymer-treated GCLs that are designed to provide improved chemical resistance in moderately aggressive leachate environments. RESISTEX GCLs contain polymer that helps reduce the effects of cation exchange by swelling and partly offsetting the reduced bentonite swell.

RESISTEX GCLs are available in many of the same product configurations as Bentomat including: DN (reinforced nonwoven/nonwoven), ST (reinforced: woven/nonwoven), 200R (unreinforced: woven/nonwoven).



    RESISTEX® features

    • Polymer enhanced engineered clay technology, effectively swells and seals in moderately aggressive leachate.
    • More effective that standard bentonite for contaminated chemical environments.
    • May be custom engineered to meet the project-specific needs.
    • Available in standard BENTOMAT geotextile configurations.