Remedial Waterproofing Injection Grout

A high-solids grout consisting of a proprietary blend of bentonite and polymers formulated for sealing water ingress in new and existing structures.



It expands to form a thick, low permeable layer across the exterior surface of the structure, filling voids in the adjacent soil and sealing small cracks in the concrete. 


Installation is fast and easy. Simply mix Bentogrout with water according to instructions, and pump it adjacent to the exterior of the building. It can be pumped without excavating from outside the structure, or from the interior of the structure through holes drilled in the wall or slab. 


Designed specifically for Bentogrout, the CETCO BENTOGROUT Pump and Mixer is fully electric and composed of a progressive cavity pump for continuous flow with a vertical paddle-type mixer to obtain proper shear and agitation. Its compact and mobile design makes it easy to use in confined spaces and enables direct access through standard-sized doorways.  


Solve those difficult water ingress problems with BENTOGROUT—When in doubt, BENTOGROUT. 




Una mezcla con alto contenido en sólidos que se expande hasta formar una capa gruesa y de baja permeabilidad que recubre la superficie externa de la estructura, rellenando los huecos en el sustrato adyacente y sellando cualquier pequeña grieta que exista en el hormigón.

BENTOGROUT® Pump and Mixer

El dispositivo de mezcla y bombeo de Bentogrout de CETCO está diseñado específicamente para Bentogrout. El equipo Bentogrout de CETCO consta de una bomba de flujo continuo progresiva con un mezclador de pala vertical y de cinta horizontal.