100% fluid-applied waterproofing membrane.

A single component, moisture-activated, elastomeric waterproofing membrane. HYDROFIX is cold fluid-applied and cures to form a seamless membrane that is positively bonded to the substrate. HYDROFIX is typically applied by roller or squeegee. Its fluid application allows it to be installed at difficult areas such as around multiple pipe penetrations and over irregular substrates.


HYDROFIX is ideal for waterproofing concrete, masonry block and wood surfaces. It can be applied to foundation walls, planters, utility vaults and earth sheltered structures. It can also be used to waterproof split-slab construction, both above- and below-grade, such as plaza decks, balconies and parking decks. Interior uses may include mechanical rooms, laboratories, kitchens and bathrooms. HYDROFIX waterproofing membrane is typically not recommended for underslab or property line applications.

HYDROFIX is produced in one grade for both horizontal and vertical applications. Concrete surfaces must be cured properly and dried a minimum of three days for normal structural concrete and 14 days for lightweight structural concrete or non-vented pan decks. HYDROFIX provides a quick and easy means of installing a cold, fluid-applied waterproofing membrane on both horizontal and vertical surfaces to protect against the infiltration of water.


HYDROFIX es un sistema impermeabilizante de componente único de aplicación líquida y de 100% sólidos. Su aplicación líquida permite instalarlo en zonas de difícil acceso, como en pasos de tuberías múltiples y sobre sustratos irregulares, y se endurece para formar una membrana continua que se fija totalmente al sustrato.