A flexible, self-sealing, hot-applied, rubberized asphalt waterproofing system.

STRATASEAL® HR combines decades of membrane polymer experience and advanced mineral enhancement technology into a 100% solids thermoplastic product that is flexible as well as self-sealing. In the unlikely event of damage to the membrane, the advanced adhesion properties of STRATASEAL® HR limit lateral water migration to the damaged area.

STRATASEAL® HR is ready for use and requires no set-up to provide a water-tight membrane.

It features the dependability of hot-applied technology, while meeting and exceeding the requirements of the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB 37.50-M89) as well as ASTM International.

Exceptional waterproofing performance:

Protection from water ingress:

  • STRATASEAL HR creates creates a continuous, seamless membrane able to be installed on new or existing construction applications.
  • It can tie into other CETCO foundation waterproofing membranes, offering a single-sourced transition and a complete system warranty with the HydroShield Quality Assurance Program.
  • Long-standing history of proven success.

Installation benefits and features:

Fast and Easy:

  • Lightweight rolls.
  • Eliminates the inconvenience and potential installation variability that may be experienced in the field with two-component products.


  • With the use of CETCO accessory products, STRATASEAL® HR can be installed in a variety of applications to ensure a watertight system.
  • Can be combined with CETCO’s GreenScapes™ Green Roof System for a complete warranted green roof assembly.
  • Can be installed as a component of a protected membrane roof, a plaza deck, asphalt paving assembly, split-slab construction, tunnels, as well as planters, green roofs, or other landscaped assemblies.
  • Can be installed in temperatures as low as 0°F.
  • Suitable for use in new construction as well as retrofit applications.


STRATASEAL HR, una membrana de asfalto engomado de aplicación en caliente, es ideal para las aplicaciones de impermeabilización de techos protegidos y pavimentos enlosados. Es un producto termoplástico de 100% sólidos que es flexible además de autosellante. STRATASEAL HR está listo para su uso y no requiere puesta a punto.


WATERSTOP-RX, una junta activa preformada para construcciones de hormigón de tira flexible, ofrece un sellado firme y seguro expandiéndose al entrar en contacto con el agua. De eficacia probada en proyectos en todo el mundo a lo largo de 20 años, Waterstop-RX está diseñado para condiciones hidrostáticas tanto continuas como intermitentes. WATERSTOP-RX está disponible en múltiples configuraciones.