Spray-applied waterproofing technology.

STRATASEAL SG provides a broad range of solutions to meet specific waterproofing needs. STRATASEAL SG consists of a water-based asphalt emulsion which is enhanced with polymers and catalyzed to form a seamless, monolithic waterproofing membrane. Perfect for large and small jobs, STRATASEAL SG utilizes a convenient spray delivery system that provides for fast application.


STRATASEAL SG can be applied to concrete, masonry, wood, ICF (insulated concrete forms), and metal surfaces. It can also be applied to green concrete or damp surfaces, which can allow the project to proceed on schedule. No priming is necessary. The material has exceptional bonding strength to most substrates and excellent elongation and recovery properties. STRATASEAL SG is a VOC compliant, non-flammable formulation without harsh odors.

STRATASEAL SG is typically sprayed perpendicular to the surface being coated and applied to achieve a dry film thickness of 60 mils (1.5 mm). With excellent adhesion properties, STRATASEAL SG forms a durable, highly flexible and impervious seal, resistant to moderate hydrostatic pressures. The CAT-7 Catalyst is effectively and efficiently mixed with the emulsion at the spray nozzle just as the material is being applied.

For detail work or for small areas, STRATASEAL is available in a roller grade (STRATASEAL RG) or trowel grade (STRATASEAL TG,) formulation. Its fluid application allows it to be installed at difficult areas, such as around multiple pipe penetrations and over irregular substrates. STRATASEAL SG membranes require a protection board for all applications and are best applied when ambient temperatures are above 40°F (4°C).

STRATASEAL SG offers ease of application and cleanup, high performance, as well as, cost efficiency not found with many spray-applied waterproofing systems.

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STRATASEAL HR, una membrana de asfalto engomado de aplicación en caliente, es ideal para las aplicaciones de impermeabilización de techos protegidos y pavimentos enlosados. Es un producto termoplástico de 100% sólidos que es flexible además de autosellante. STRATASEAL HR está listo para su uso y no requiere puesta a punto.


WATERSTOP-RX, una junta activa preformada para construcciones de hormigón de tira flexible, ofrece un sellado firme y seguro expandiéndose al entrar en contacto con el agua. De eficacia probada en proyectos en todo el mundo a lo largo de 20 años, Waterstop-RX está diseñado para condiciones hidrostáticas tanto continuas como intermitentes. WATERSTOP-RX está disponible en múltiples configuraciones.