Bentonite-Geotextile Waterproofing With Integrated Polyethylene Liner.

All the benefits of VOLTEX, plus added protection. The Voltex DS composite is comprised of two high strength geotextiles making it suitable for projects that require more durability or additional chemical resistance. Its composite construction resists damage from tradesman installing reinforcing steel over it and inclement weather. With the durability of the needle-punched composite and the ability to self-heal, VOLTEX DS offers major construction advantages over adhered sheet membrane and fluid applied waterproofing.

Exceptional Waterproofing Performance:

Protection from Water Ingress:

  • Can self-seal small cracks while forming watertight laps at the seams.
  • Provides a strong mechanical bond to poured concrete.
  • Proven effective in structures under continuous or intermittent hydrostatic pressure—up to 70m (231 ft).

Protection from Contaminants:

  • VOLTEX DS is designed for projects that require additional chemical resistance, extremely low water vapor and gas permeability.

Installation Benefits and Features:

Fast and Easy:

  • Overlapping seams with mechanical fasteners eliminates installation variables in the field.
  • Its durable composite construction eliminates the need for a mud slab.


  • Can be installed in virtually any weather condition, including freezing temperatures and damp conditions.
  • Can be installed on green concrete without primers or adhesives.
  • Proven effective in both vertical and horizontal applications—i.e., backfilled and property-line walls.


ENVIROSHEET, una lámina de membrana impermeabilizante de compuesto autoadherente, está formada por una película de asfalto engomado de 1,4 mm (56 milésimas de pulgada) con una película de 0,1 mm (4 milésimas de pulgada) de polietileno con laminado cruzado. Los dos componentes están laminados juntos para producir una barrera impermeabilizante extremadamente resistente.


Voltex® es una membrana impermeabilizante de eficacia probada, ideal para superficies de cimentación tanto verticales como horizontales. Voltex incorpora la capacidad de alto nivel de hinchamiento y de autosellado de la bentonita sódica VOLCLAY® para formar una membrana poco permeable, de una sola pieza, que protege las estructuras de la entrada de agua.


VOLTEX® DS, una membrana impermeabilizante de bentonita-geotextil con un revestimiento de polietileno integrado, consta de dos geotextiles de alta resistencia. Los dos geotextiles están interconectados por un proceso de agujado patentado que garantiza una aplicación uniforme del material.