Our innovative solidification products can solidify your drilling spoils right on the jobsite

Spent drilling fluid can be a costly problem

By the time you recover it, tanker it off-site, make certain it meets all environmental regulatory requirements and pay tipping fees for liquids disposal, it can be a very expensive and time-consuming problem.  Our solidification products make it easy transform used liquid drilling fluids into disposable, dumpable solids in minutes.  When you’re through, you have a solid product that passes RCRA paint filter and slump tests and can be taken directly to a landfill — or simply mixed into the soil at the project site.



SLURRYBOND es una fórmula mineral inorgánica granular que se emplea para la solidificación de lodos de perforación con alto contenido en sólidos. SLURRYBOND está hecho a partir de un polímero no biodegradable, formulado para usarse con lodos residuales que no satisfacen la prueba de PFLT (Prueba de líquidos: filtros de pintura [Paint Filter Liquids Test]).