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Good Manufacturing Practices – Kosher Compliance

Minerals Technologies produces quality ingredients for many healthcare uses. These products are produced by MTI’s Specialty Minerals and Barretts Minerals group. Two of these facilities (Adams, MA and Birmingham, UK) are registered with the US FDA as Drug Manufacturing Establishments.


As a supplier of Calcium Carbonate and Talc products for Pharmaceutical, Food and Nutritional applications, we at Specialty Minerals and Barretts Minerals have the ultimate responsibility to ensure that our finished products meet the quality and purity characteristics required by each specific monograph. We accomplish this objective by ensuring that all aspects of the manufacturing process (receipt of materials, production, packaging, labeling, quality control, product release, storage and distribution) are carried out in accordance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). These guidelines are incorporated into the plant’s Quality Management System and are strictly monitored for compliance.


MTI_ProudOUIn addition, all applicable Specialty Minerals and Barretts Minerals facilities that produce ingredients to be used in food applications are also certified as Kosher. As part of the Kosher certification process, our plants are thoroughly inspected by a qualified member of the Orthodox Union, who verifies our processes for full compliance to Kosher law. Kosher certification ensures that the specific needs of our customers continue to be met.


The following Minerals Technologies facilities produce Food, Pharmaceutical, and Nutritional Supplements ingredients:




If you would like a copy of the ISO registration certificate for a particular location in North America, please Contact Us.