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MTI's Activities under REACH

How Minerals Technologies Inc. Complies with the European Union CLP and REACH Regulations

What is REACH?

REACH is the name of a regulation passed by the European Union in 2007 to streamline and improve the former legislative framework on chemicals of the European Union (EU). REACH is an acronym for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.  REACH applies to all companies that manufacture chemicals in the EU or import chemicals or articles containing chemicals into the EU.  REACH requires these companies to identify the environmental, health and safety risks of each chemical as well as specify proper safety measures to protect those who use these chemicals in downstream applications. This information is made public through a registration process.  The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) is the agency that administers REACH.


REACH is being implemented in a phased approach.  Importers and manufacturers of existing chemicals who pre-registered their substances before 1 December, 2008 have 3.5 to 10 years to submit the full registration, depending on the quantity of material imported or manufactured in the EU.  If a chemical is not pre-registered or registered within the specified timeframe, it may not be manufactured in or imported into the EU.


Certain substances are exempt from registration under REACH.  Annex V of REACH exempts from registration certain categories of "substances which occur in nature, if they are not chemically modified".  This exemption includes natural minerals (Entry 7 of the Guidance Document on Annex V published on the Commission website[1]).   REACH also exempts specific fatty acids under Annex V of REACH (Entry 9 of the Guidance Document on Annex V). 


How are MTI products regulated under REACH?

The status of each of the product groups produced by MTI and the various Business Units under REACH are summarized below:

Specialty Minerals Inc Uncoated Limestone and Barretts Minerals Inc Talc products

Specialty Minerals Inc (SMI) mines and processes limestone products at operations in the US. Barretts Minerals Inc (BMI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMI) mines and processes limestone, talc and other mineral products at operations in the US.   Many of these products are either shipped directly to the EU or are sold to downstream users who ship their products to the EU.  As explained above, mineral products are exempt from registration under Annex V of REACH.

Specialty Minerals Inc Precipitated Calcium Carbonate products

The Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) products manufactured by Specialty Minerals Inc and each of the SMI European legal entities are a purified synthetic form of limestone.  Synthetic mineral products have been chemically modified and must be registered.  All PCC products produced by the eight SMI European legal entities have been registered.  The registration numbers for each legal entity are included in Table 1. 

SMI also produces PCC at a facility in Adams, Massachusetts.  Many of these products are shipped to the EU directly or are incorporated into other products that are then shipped to the EU by our customers.  The PCC products produced by the Adams facility have been registered by authorizing SMI's Birmingham, UK facility to act as the Only-Representative.  The registration number for PCC products produced at the Adams, Massachusetts facility is included in Table 1.

Specialty Minerals Inc Coated Precipitated Calcium Carbonate products

Some of the PCC products produced by the Massachusetts and UK facility are coated with fatty acids.  Coated minerals are considered preparations under REACH and each component substance must be managed separately.  The fatty acids used in the coated PCC products are specifically exempt under Annex V of REACH (see above).

Table 1

Registration Numbers for SMI Products

Legal EntitySubstanceFacilities CoveredRegistration number
Specialty Minerals France S.P.A.SPCC[2]Alizay, France

Docelles, France

Saillat, France
Specialty Minerals GmBHPCCWalsum, Germany01-2119486795-18-0014
Specialty Minerals Poland sp. z.o.o.PCCKwidzyn, Poland 01-2119486795-18-0013
Specialty Minerals Portugal PCCFigueira da Foz, Portugal01-2119486795-18-0012
Specialty Minerals Slovakia spol. S.r.oPCCRuzomberok, Slovakia01-2119486795-18-0010
Specialty Minerals Zweigniederlassung der MINTEQ International GmbHPCCSchongau, Germany 01-2119486795-18-0011
MINTEQ UK LimitedPCCLifford, England01-2119486795-18-0021
MINTEQ UK LimitedCalcium OxideLifford, England01-2119475325-36-0088
MINTEQ UK Limited – Only Representative for Specialty Minerals Inc.PCCAdams, MA01-2119486795-18-0022
Barretts Minerals Inc Coated Talc products

Coated talc products are classified as mixtures (preparations) and do not require a separate registration.  This interpretation is based on guidance from the European Industrial Minerals Association.  BMI has verified that the suppliers of the individual coating components have met their registration requirements.  BMI will update our Material Safety Data Sheets as new information is obtained from our suppliers. 

Barretts Minerals Inc Optibloc products

Barretts Minerals Inc produces a family of coated and uncoated mixed mineral products under the Optibloc® name.  The uncoated mineral fraction of these products is exempt from regulation under Annex V, Section 7 of REACH.  BMI has ensured that the suppliers of the individual coating components have met their registration requirements.  BMI will update our Material Safety Data Sheets as new information is obtained from our suppliers.

Minteq Refractory products

The Minteq European operations produce monolithic refractory products and refractory shapes that are used in the iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, minerals processing and glass markets. Minteq's refractory products are classified as mixtures (preparations) and therefore do not require separate registration.  Minteq does not import or produce chemical substances in the EU, with the exception of magnesia, which is discussed below.  Minteq has ensured that all suppliers of the individual components are meeting their registration requirements and has verified that these suppliers will include Minteq's use and the use of our customers in their safety evaluations. 

The Minteq European operations also import magnesia from non-EU locations, including Minteq's subsidiary magnesia producing firm in Turkey, Asmas.  The European Union specifically exempted magnesia from the requirements of REACH.  This exemption is contained in the revised Annex V of the REACH regulation. 

Minteq also produces monolithic refractory products from outside the EU that are imported into the EU.  All of these products are preparations.  Minteq has obtained documentation to prove that all products shipped to the EU from outside the Union contain only raw materials that have been properly pre-registered or registered under REACH.    

Minteq Calcium Metal and Metallurgical Wire products

Minteq produces calcium metal at a facility located in Canaan, Connecticut, USA.  Minteq's facility in Hengelo, Netherlands imports calcium from the USA facility as well as other countries.  The Hengelo facility has registered as a manufacturer and importer of calcium metal.  The registration number for calcium metal is 01-2119516038-45-0000.

Both Hengelo and Connecticut also produce various powder-filled alloy metallurgical wires containing a variety of substances and preparations.  Minteq has ensured that the substances contained in the wire or preparations are properly registered by the producer or importer.

Minteq Pyrolytic Graphite products

Minteq produces a variety of synthetic graphite (Pyrolytic Graphite) and silicon carbide products at a facility located in Easton, Pennsylvania, USA.  Minteq's facility in Hengelo, Netherlands has been authorized to act as an Only-Representative to pre-register these products. The submission number for the pre-registration of synthetic graphite is SF397514-25.  The submission number for the pre-registration of silicon carbide is YA398033-38. Due to the tonnage volume imported to the EU, registration of these products will not be required until 2013.

Substances of Very High Concern

None of the products manufactured or sold by Specialty Minerals Inc contain any of the substances identified on the current Candidate List for Substances of Very High Concern3 or any substances which meet the criteria for inclusion under the List for Substances of Very High Concern.  SMI will continue to monitor the Candidate list and will inform our customers if this situation changes.  Certain products manufactured by MINTEQ contain substances that are identified in the current Candidate List for Substances of Very High Concern.  MINTEQ follows the REACH guidance for the products that contain these substances by listing these in the product Safety Data Sheet.  Specifically, listed substances considered persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) or very persistent and very bioaccumulative (vPvB) are included in the Safety Data Sheet if the concentration of the substance in the product is equal to or above 0.1% (w/w).  Other substances on the Candidate List are included in the Safety Data Sheet if the concentration of the substance in the product is equal to or above 1.0% (w/w).

Who can we contact for more information?

For further information about MTI's REACH program or for specific information about a specific material, please contact us at the following email addresses:



Additional sources of information

The following links provide further details on various aspects of REACH:

European Chemical Agency Website  http://echa.europa.eu

Industrial Minerals Association – Europe.  This website (http://www.ima-eu.org) contains a link to articles and information on the regulation of various minerals, including limestone and talc, under REACH.

[1] guidance.echa.europa.eu/docs/guidance_document/Draft_guidance_Annex_V_ECHA.pdf

[2] Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

[3] Last updated following ECHA's 18

June 2012 revision to the list.

revision to the list.