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Minerals Technologies Inc. is a resource- and technology-based company that develops, produces and markets worldwide a broad range of specialty mineral, mineral-based and synthetic mineral products and related systems and services. The Company has four reportable segments: Performance Materials, Specialty Minerals, Refractories and Energy Services.

The Performance Materials segment is a leading supplier of bentonite and bentonite-related products, as well as chromite and leonardite, to industrial and consumer markets globally.  Products offered by the Performance Materials segment include specially formulated green sand bond solutions for metalcasting, additives for powdered laundry detergent formulation, and pet litter.  This segment operates more than 25 mining or production facilities worldwide.  The Performance Materials segment also provides products for non-residential construction, environmental and infrastructure projects worldwide. It serves customers engaged in a broad range of construction projects, including site remediation, concrete waterproofing for underground structures, liquid containment on projects ranging from landfills to flood control, and drilling applications including foundation, slurry wall, tunneling, water well and horizontal drilling.

The Specialty Minerals segment produces and sells the synthetic mineral product precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), mines mineral ores and processes and sells natural mineral products, primarily limestone and talc. This segment's products are used principally in the paper, building materials, paint and coatings, glass, ceramic, polymer, food, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

The Refractories segment produces and markets monolithic and shaped refractory materials and specialty products, services and application and measurement equipment, as well as calcium metal and metallurgical wire products. Refractories segment products and services are primarily used in high-temperature applications in the steel, non-ferrous metal and glass industries.

The Energy Services segment offers a comprehensive portfolio of safe, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly products, services and innovative solutions to treat and handle complex fluid challenges.  As a globally recognized leader, with decades of experience in the Industrial Wastewater and Oil & Gas sectors, we manage fluid projects worldwide – from exploration to production to decommissioning. Our customized engineered solutions and patented technologies and operational experience makes us the CLEAR choice for our customers’ Well Testing, Produced Water, Fluid Treatment, and Wastewater requirements.


About Us