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Safety at MTI

Ensuring the safety of all employees is a major point of focus for MTI. We believe a goal of zero work-related injuries is attainable. Some locations have attained zero injuries thanks to a dedicated effort by employees at those facilities. The weekly safety reporting is a snapshot of our progress in reaching our goal. Below are statistics on our recordable and lost workday injury rates based on the number of injuries per 100 employees.


Recordable and Lost Workday Injuries

There were no recordable injuries reported during the week ended August 8, 2020.


Safety Metrics

As of August 8, 2020, MTI had 9 recordable injuries and 3 lost workday injuries during 2020. At this time in 2019, MTI had experienced 29 recordable injuries and 7 lost workday injuries.


Recordable InjuriesLost Workday InjuriesInjury Summary 2020 YTD
0 recordable injuries (week 32)0 lost workday injuries (week 32)
9 recordable injuries
3 lost workday injuries
10 lost workdays